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About us

EUROPOL CHEMICAL Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its principal place of business in the industrial zone in Rudniki near Częstochowa, was established in 2012.

Our main strategic objective is implementation of innovative technologies in road construction and related projects.

The preparation manufactured by EUROPOL CHEMICAL is an original Polish product with brand name "STABIBUD 1" intended to be used for chemical and hydraulic soil stabilization.


The proprietary "recipe" of "STABIBUD 1", as well as production technology and methods of implementation of this new scientific solution into Polish road industry were developed and perfected by the scientists of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Wrocław:

  • prof. dr hab. Hubert Artur Kołodziej
  • dr Andrzej Antoni Voght
  • mgr inż. Stanisław Wacław Strzelecki

Soil stabilization technology is used for the following purposes:

  • construction of local roads, hardening of unpaved roads that used to be "nature paths" and forest routes;
  • strengthening of roadsides, road slopes and flood embankments;
  • recycling and repair of any road surface and hardening of sidewalks;
  • construction of bike paths and access roads to sport, fitness, leisure and swimming centers;
  • access vehicular roads to water storage reservoirs, floodwalls and embankments, construction of technical infrastructure of pipelines, construction of access roads to wind power plants;
  • arrangement of public spaces, parking and maneuvering areas, waste disposal and storage facilities;
  • superficial sealing of septic tanks at industrial livestock and poultry production farms, enhancement of industrial and urban/residential waste landfills (as a base under the sealing layer).


„STABIBUD 1” - a mixture of sulfonic acids in the solution of sulfuric acid that bonds the base to be stabilized at a construction site, thus improving its physical and chemical properties and helping it to achieve the quality of sedimentary rock.

„STABIBUD 1” - if applied in clay, unstable and swelling soils of "doubtful" quality, it is an alternative to aggregates and reduces the use of cement in the base course stabilization process by approximately 70 percent.

„STABIBUD 1” - can be also used to stabilize anthropogenic soils (slag) or in soil composed of rubble, gravel, sand and gravel mix, sands, silt or slag.

„STABIBUD 1” - helps to reduce the cost of road construction by approximately 50-60% by both decreased use of cement and significant improvement in the completion time.

„STABIBUD 1” - the project cost is even lower in case of major road reconstruction because the road subsoil can be recycled unlike in standard methods, where the subsoil is removed and disposed of off the construction site .

"STABIBUD 1" forms artificial "sedimentary fossil" and during the process - which is very important - has the capacity of binding fly contaminants and hazardous petrochemical residuals (oils, crude oil, gasoline).